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Daniil Primak

Daniil Primak is a photojournalist working for various periodicals and online media, including National Geographic. Daniil travels a lot and that’s how he describes his practice:

“I work with photography from the perspective of photojournalism, and my visual research focuses on the influence of the global north on other cultures and their appropriation. Since 2013, I had been trying to build my work with the medium of photography around the idea of ​​being able to deconstruct and recreate the approach to photo-documenting the moments of my travels and trips. I keep wondering – is it possible to keep the surprise of what you saw and at the same time avoid the exoticization of objects and people in the camera lens?”

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With its fresh, clean lines inspired by the west coast, these frames are the impeccable union of a simple, angular metal profile and natural detail of three contemporary wood veneer finishes.
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