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Kate is a founder of this project. She holds an MD degree in pediatrics and has always been a photo-enthusiast. Now she lives in beautiful North Vancouver, that gives her inspiration, strength, and the opportunity to fulfill her dreams to build a business that shares with people in North America the work of artists from around the world.




Oleg has an advanced degree in engineering and runs several navigation-related companies. His business experience includes launching a successful Kickstarter campaign and managing hi-tech companies that deliver navigation products in large quantities. At Ontheuphill, Oleg uses his hard-earned management experience to make smooth the process of building from scratch a business that provides people with quality products that last a lifetime.




Denis is a grade 12 student. He likes photography and making various electronic music under his own label, that can be listened to in many streaming services like Apple music, Spotify and others. In Ontheuphill, he helps with technical aspects of print production, maintaining large format 24” Epson ink printers and final image framing. 


We create finished cultural artifacts that transform everyday life through aesthetics and history.

Homes and offices do not have to be sterile. They should contain items related to completely different, non-traditional stories that alert us to the fact that the space that affects people’s lives is much wider than it seems to each of us. Photography is perfectly suited to this task. Ontheuphill is a platform that connects producers and consumers of photographic art.

We put great care into production, process organization, print quality, materials selection, talent selection, and talent support. Our customers also take great care in their choice of stories to complement their everyday life. We reduce as much as possible the distance between image producer and imager viewer, and we keep finding better ways to support the projects of emerging artists. We make art accessible.


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