We have selected talented emerging photographers to work with in creating beautiful mounted and framed prints. We introduce them to people who would like smart photographs for their home, office, or elsewhere. We give people who want such items the opportunity to become acquainted with them, the ability to create the perfect piece just for them with delivery to their door in Canada or the United States.


Our curators hand-pick photographic works they believe is unique in some way or the other. Curatorially selected photograph is usually very limited in quantities it is printed, in our company it is 50 prints in total for all sizes.
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The value of a digital image is in part based on its inability to be reproduced indefinitely. We do a lot of internal work to decide which images to limit the production of—and which category of limit an image should go into. In this category, there can never be more than 500 printed copies in existence for each photograph.
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Any item in this category can be bought at any time during the period of our cooperation with the artist. The advantage of this category for the photographer is that it has the potential to provide long-term income. The advantage to the buyer is items in this category are the least expensive, but the buyer is still provided with a background story of the image.
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who we are

We are a small team of like-minded people with professional experience in various fields of cultural production, technology, logistics and management. It seems to us that our efforts can be combined to create an ethical business that produces artifacts that carefully expand the knowledge and sensibility of people within their own everyday experience. We see common responsibility as the basis of our work. We responsibly approach production, organization of processes, print quality, choice of materials, selection and support of authors, while our clients, in return, share this responsibility through their conscious choice of those stories, which will complement their everyday routines and life.



Today, the image and the main intention in its creation is an important part of the very medium of photography. A photographic object is not just an element of interior or a form of investment; it is a part of the labor of another person and the visible part of another reality. The peculiarity of such an object is precisely a combination of these two factors.

Our project, on the one hand, is a tool for creating a handcrafted cultural artifact that, through its aesthetics and history, transforms usual everyday life. On the other hand, it is a support tool for authors working with photography today. We want to minimize the distance between the image and the viewer and to better understand mechanisms for the dissemination of the physical image.


We see opportunities for our project in collaboration with galleries, brands or even public spaces. Our main interest is in building more connections and expanding the information field in order to use current market and business infrastructure mechanisms to find new formats for possible cooperation. Our model is based on accurate calculation and standardization of costs. We do not aim to sell “for more profit”; we are trying to design and implement a stable online financial support tool for ourselves and the authors. We would love to find like-minded people who share those values. If you see in us or in our concept something interesting for yourself or your business or your space, write us.

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The central concept in our project is the concept of community. It is clear that definitions of ethics and author support only work when such concept is set as a main core. That’s why we strive to better understand what happens around our existing community and also attract or unite with people and professionals who are nearby.

We are as open to cooperation as possible and will be happy to see new participants. You can always ask us something; write about your feelings or suggest your images for our objects.